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    Where Non-Professional Family Caregivers find training and resources.

    Non-paid caregivers are left without any guidance or instruction manuals to navigate their important role.
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    Why We Exist



    Caring for Caregivers is a nonprofit organization providing essential resources and comprehensive training for Non-Professional Family Caregivers worldwide. We address the education needed for Short-Term and Long-Term Care while supporting Veterans and individuals with disabilities. Our mission as carefluencers is to empower caregivers in their noble role.


    To support Non-Professional Family Caregivers through education and outreach programs to improve the quality of Short-Term and Long-Term Care.


    All Nations deserve to transition with respect and dignity.


    Caring for Caregivers is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) approved by the State of Arizona. 

    Federal approval is pending. 

    Together We CARE!

    My Caregiving Journey

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    John Kerr


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    Caring For Caregivers


    Afraid I Would Die First

    I was afraid I was heading toward an early grave.  Daily, I endeavored to excel as my Mom's caregiver, despite battling low self-esteem and purposelessness. Each day felt like a struggle against inner despair, questioning my adequacy. After 16 years, I found myself in a cycle of moral conflict.

    I observed other caregivers, like me, grappling with deteriorating health, often passing either before or after their loved ones. I sensed a greater destiny for myself in this life. If you're in a similar situation, wrestling with fear and guilt, I might offer assistance.

    Warren Humphrey

    Mama B's Final Requests to Her Caregiver 

    Nobody truly appreciates the selfless work of a caregiver, and sometimes it feels like nobody cares about you either. It's always your instinct to prioritize others before yourself, but until you prioritize your well-being like countless other caregivers, you'll continue to serve others without experiencing the true fulfillment of life. It's up to you to make a difference and remind caregivers of their immense significance.

    Mama B uttered these words, as she entrusted me with two promises before she passed:

    1. take care of her son Chuck "Warren" and keep him out of trouble
    2. continue the shared passion as caregivers, and strive to create a meaningful impact on the world by uplifting humanity

    John Kerr | Co-Founder

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