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Where Non-Professional Family Caregivers find training and resources.

In the United States, there are over 53 million family caregivers who often find themselves navigating their important roles without any guidance or instruction manuals. Our "Playbook" is designed to provide caregivers with the tools they need to address their fears, avoid burnout, and focus on meeting the needs of their loved ones at their own pace.

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Why We Exist



Caring for Caregivers is a nonprofit organization providing essential resources and comprehensive training for Non-Professional Family Caregivers worldwide. We address the education needed for Short-Term and Long-Term Care while supporting Veterans and individuals with disabilities. Our mission as carefluencers is to empower caregivers in their noble role.


To support Non-Professional Family Caregivers through education and outreach programs to improve the quality of Short-Term and Long-Term Care.


Caring for Caregivers is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) approved by the State of Arizona and in Good Standings

Our Impact

"I stumbled upon Caring For Caregivers and The organization provided a lifeline for us. Their friendly and well-informed staff gave us a roadmap to navigate the potential problems that non-professional caregivers often face. They helped us understand the importance of addressing these issues early on with our loved ones." 

Thank you, CFC - J. Carlos 

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"I'm not sure this is right for me"

"Wait, you want ME to be YOUR Family Caregiver? Really?"

"I know nothing about the medical profession, I don't want to mess up something." 

Fundraising Goal: $2,500

Our Impact: Training 500 Family Caregivers for Veterans

Help us assist 500 veteran families with a donation today. 

Caring For Caregivers | Co-Founders

Empowering Caregivers Across Generations

The foundation of  "Caring For Caregivers" is a significant step towards empowering family caregivers of different generations, aiming to provide support and resources for those undertaking the noble task of caregiving. John's transformative journey commences at a humble Corn Festival, where a serendipitous encounter with an elderly woman named Beatrice (Mama B), who was bound for hospice care, sets the stage for a life-altering experience.

The subsequent chapters delve into John's evolution as a family caregiver, highlighting the importance of compassion and building meaningful connections with those in need. Central to the narrative is Mama B's well-being, with a poignant focus on meeting her needs and ensuring her peaceful transition, symbolized by the creation of a personalized care "Playbook."

As the story unfolds, the narrative progresses to fulfilling promises made to Mama B, advocating for self-care practices, and keeping an eye on her loved ones to ensure we all can transition with respect and dignity. After reflecting on her passing, John focused on the lessons of this experience and that of his mother's passing in JAN 2017. 

With his life experiences volunteering within the disabilities community and dedication to helping others, John's grand unveiling of the non-profit, with a vision to empower caregivers and to keep his promise to Mama B to make a positive impact on the lives they touch. Through its mission, "Caring For Caregivers" aims to create a ripple effect of compassion, resonating with Mama B's enduring legacy and culminating in a brighter future for caregivers and those they care for.

John Kerr and Mama B
Co-Founders | Mama B & John Kerr

"Although she will never know while on Earth, 9 days after her passing, Mama B became my co-founder for Caring For Caregivers and"

John Kerr

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