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Caring For Caregivers is a nonprofit startup dedicated to non-professional caregivers by providing innovative solutions and resources in support of loving families and the healthcare industry. With a focus on user-centric design and strategic partnerships, Caring For Caregivers aims to improve the well-being of individuals and caregivers through technology and support services to our carefluencers' community.

The last 5 yards of an individual's life are a unique and deeply personal experience, with no manual or one-size-fits-all solution. Each person's journey is shaped by their own experiences and circumstances. 

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Beatrice (Mama B)

Beatrice Humphrey (Mama B), who was 98 years old, exemplified this individuality. In the final days of her life, she sought unexpected assistance from a new friend, John Kerr, who became her devoted caregiver. 

This experience became the genesis of CFC as John and Mama B worked together to follow her final wishes as they forged her last 5 yards playbook. Through careful preplanning and open communication, they were able to transcend the fear of leaving a burden for others after Mama B's transition. 

With John focused on fulfilling the current needs of care, a well-desired break for the team that got Mama through the first 95 yards. This “changing of the guards” allowed self-care and respite for Mama B’s Non-Professional Family Caregivers led by her primary caregiver and son.


Mama B and John | Co-Founders


Mama B and Warren "Chuck" 

Inspired by Mama B's final wish, John has continued their shared passion for caregiving, striving to make a meaningful impact on the world and uplift humanity. CFC has recently collaborated with international nonprofits, including a partnership with Bio-Touch Healing, facilitated by Warren "Chuck" Humphrey, Mama B's son. Chuck's international workshops in France, Ireland, and Morocco have reached over 300 individuals, emphasizing the importance of touch in transitions. 

The support of those who dedicate themselves to caring for their loved ones is vital. proudly presents a trailblazing platform that allows caregivers to voice their experiences and narratives. The wisdom and insights garnered from your experiences are invaluable, offering guidance and camaraderie to the 53 million non-professional family caregivers across the U.S. By joining forces, we can create a meaningful impact and affirm our collective commitment.

As we move forward, we see numerous opportunities for branding and sponsorships from those dedicated to assisting us when we need or are providing care. Together, investing in the future of caregiving.

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Afraid I Would Die First

I was afraid I was heading toward an early grave.  Daily, I endeavored to excel as my Mom's caregiver, despite battling low self-esteem and purposelessness. Each day felt like a struggle against inner despair, questioning my adequacy. After 16 years, I found myself in a cycle of moral conflict.

I observed other caregivers, like me, grappling with deteriorating health, often passing either before or after their loved ones. I sensed a greater destiny for myself in this life. If you're in a similar situation, wrestling with fear and guilt, I might offer assistance.

Warren Humphrey

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