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Happy Father’s Day

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Let's celebrate the deep and lasting connection between fathers, father figures, and the lives they influence. 

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A Fathers

Gratitude & Appreciation

For All Fathers In Our Lives

Father's Day is a great time to show our gratitude for everything our fathers and mentors have done for us. It's a chance to demonstrate how much we appreciate their support, guidance, and love over the years.

A simple thank you can mean a lot and make our fathers and mentors feel cherished and valued. Let's take the opportunity to write a heartfelt message, spend quality time together, or surprise them with a thoughtful gift. These acts of appreciation will not only make our fathers feel special but also strengthen the bond we share.

Father and his middle aged daughter as she is his care taker
Unbreakable Bonds Between Fathers and Sion’s

In this heartwarming blog post, we will celebrate the profound and enduring bond between fathers and father figures with the lives they impact.


We pay tribute to Co-Founder John Kerr, his two sons Gavin and Landen, and his father Ernie (far right, bottom row), as well as John's father figures and mentors (bottom row left to right): Warren Humphrey, Milton C. Anderson, and Bill Brawley. These remarkable men have profoundly influenced his life, imparting lessons of respect, integrity, transparency, and the Golden Rule. Their guidance has been invaluable to "make it work."

Father's Day Stories

HONOR YOUR Dad, with a story

In less than 10 minutes

Celebrate the incredible men in your life on this special day dedicated to honoring their wisdom, strength, and achievements.

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